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Custom Headrest

There are more choices than ever before in device connectivity. Our new Headrest systems incorporate certified HDMI inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI enabled device: smartphones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices. This provides delivery of high-definition audio and video content without losing the use of the DVD. That’s smart, and it makes the entertainment possibilities literally endless. Factory Matched material and colors integrate perfectly into your vehicle. Search By Vehicle.

Universal Seat-Back

Seatback systems are designed for vehicles with factory installed active headrest restraint systems that cannot be replaced. The seatback systems seamlessly integrate into the vehicle without any alterations to the vehicle. The monitors are covered with factory matching material and color for a true factory appearance. Search By Vehicle.

Overhead Dropdown

Turn the back seat into a moving movie theater with a screen that’s so immersive you’d think you were in the movie. Our Overhead systems incorporate certified HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device: smart phones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices. Search By Vehicle.

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