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Pre-Designed Trade Packages

Ranger Design specializes in providing mobile tradespeople with storage solutions that best suit their needs. From van shelving and partitions to ladder racks and bin storage systems, our cargo van trade packages are designed to fit in all of today’s commercial vans and can be tailored to your particular trade. Upfit My Van.

Storage Units

Ranger Design’s van storage bins and shelving systems are one-of-a-kind in the industry. With the combined strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions and a laminated (solid substrate) shelf base; you get a shelf tray that is strong, quiet, very durable, and yet does not use up excessive payload. Upfit My Van.

Drawers & Shelving

Ranger Design helps mobile technicians work more effectively by providing them with organization storage solutions designed to meet their specific needs on the job. Organize your tools with ease in one of Ranger Design’s drawer or shelving units. Upfit My Van.


Our partner, Ranger Design, is committed to making mobile technicians safer on the road, and cargo van partitions play an integral part in achieving this. Ranger Design’s van partitions (or bulkhead partitions) are engineered to provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants in the cab and the cargo area. Upfit My Van.


Ranger Design offers rigid van floors as a custom-fit for nearly every type of service van. Designed to provide added safety and a quieter ride, these impact and puncture-resistant floors give your van a professional look. The unique integrated aluminum mounting tracks are installed flush with the van’s floor, making it easy to install a variety of Ranger Design van shelving, equipment and accessories. Upfit My Van.


Van accessories have always provided the finishing touch that makes the difference between a regular upfit and the type of upfit that gives you what you need to perform at your peak efficiency. Add accessories to your van like rear steps, roof vents, hooks, back up alarms, and more. Upfit My Van.

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